Are You Under the Table Too?

On a recent Sunday, my pastor spoke on Matthew 15:21-28. It’s an interesting passage. The interchange between Jesus and a Canaanite momma imploring Him to heal her daughter is quite challenging. Jesus doesn’t respond how we would expect.  He seems a bit rude.  (I can’t believe I just wrote that Jesus appeared rude.  That seems… Continue reading Are You Under the Table Too?

Hope and a Pipe Stand

It was just a very full pipe stand. My first thought was how much they reminded me of my Dad…my second was, “Ewwww…that’s kinda gross…think of the mouths that have been on those!” (ever the mother) Recently I went antique shopping with a friend.  I love looking at all the beautiful things, the knick-knacks, and… Continue reading Hope and a Pipe Stand