Wonderful Weekend of Woes

This weekend was so difficult and wonderful.  My life is sweetness and sorrow constantly vying for my attention.  The quality of my day depends upon my willingness to see the stuff to be thankful for rather than the stuff to complain about, but sometimes its hard to choose the right one. This weekend began with… Continue reading Wonderful Weekend of Woes

My Two-by-Four (P.S. It has a happy ending)

Recently I’ve been struck, like a two-by-four, by the loss of dreams.  It seems we all have lost dreams.  I’ve lost some dreams that I thought were givens.  The biggest being my “til death do us part” marriage.  Lately my dream of a happily ever after seems a bit out of reach as well.  I’ve realized… Continue reading My Two-by-Four (P.S. It has a happy ending)