Loved Me Even More

I wrote this poem when I was serving as a short term missionary at a women’s shelter in Maryland about 22 years ago. (Could I really be that old? That’s nuts!!) God had met me exactly where I was at that time…serving Him and yet struggling with so much. Now, I read it and find that it is still very much the relationship I have with God. He is still so very loving, gracious and merciful to me regardless of my struggling. The only thing that has changed is an understanding that there is nothing that I have done, am doing, or will do that will change how much God loves me. He loves me completely already…He cannot love me less or more than He does at this very moment! Thank you Father!

I brought my heart before the Lord
With hands outstretched
I began to lay it at His feet
He quickly moved and gently stopped my descending heart
He brought my heart up
Higher than I imagined it could go
And smiled with mercy in His eyes

I tried to bow my head in shame
For why did I deserve this
I only deserved my pain
But, He took His hands beneath my chin
And raised my face to feel His shining glory
How bright and warm it felt
On my dark, cold face

I dropped to my knees in amazement
Of His love and kindness
But nothing could prepare me
For the moment my knees hit the cold, hard floor
God dropped too
and offered me his hands
I felt His scars and knew He felt mine too
And loved me even more.

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