I can tell I’ve changed because all I want to do is find a way to spend the whole day in my slippers.  Believe me, I’ve never been a stay in your pjs all day kinda gal.  I think it might be my Army brat upbringing.  We just didn’t lounge around at our house.  And, honestly, I like that…I like the get up and get on with your day mentality.  But now…I really would like to get up, have a cup of tea and sit back down… in my slippers… all day.

It’s a new me…a tired me.  I love that I get stuff done, well, I mean…I love the idea of getting stuff done…I mean if I could actually get stuff done, I’d love it!! Unfortunately, I don’t get as much done in a day as I’d like to…I tend to just run around like a squirrel in traffic – barely missing being squashed by oncoming semi-trucks.

It must be what the slippers represent…a quieter, comfier existence.

And really aren’t we all exhausted at the end of the day…don’t we all just wanna have our feet up?  I wake up and my feet are already tired just thinking about the day ahead.  I can’t figure out how to get ahead of the curve — I’m scraping the guardrail as I fly around the curve on two wheels with my eyes shut and my hands griping the steering wheel for dear life…now that’s a visual. (And regardless of what my children tell you, I do not drive like that in actuality!)

I find myself slipping on my slippers even when I know that I actually can’t keep them on beyond the walk down the stairs to the front door.  It’s the little comforts even if they are only for a minute.  Take what you can get, right?

I’m not sure I can tie this into a spiritual truth…I’m thinking about it, because God tends to use all these silly little things to reveal something to me.  Something precious and sometimes quite small.  My slippers aren’t anything special (see above picture)…I got them for myself from one of my kids for Christmas (another single mom thing) and they were inexpensive and on sale…like I said, nothing particularly amazing.  But they bless my feet.  Maybe that’s the realization…that blessings come in big and little things…like a warm Mocha or soft candlelight or fragrant blossoms in the garden or a pair of comfy slippers.

I’m seeing a theme in my life…recognizing the joy in little things.  I’m surrounded by little people that I love so it’s only natural that I find joy in little things!  So I’m going to slip on my slipper and put my feet up and relax… for a second cause someone is yelling my favorite name…”Mama!!!!!!!!”

By Sue Birdseye

Single, divorced Mama of 5 - walking this path with a lot of hope in my Lord and a fair amount of humor at life! Praying that you will be blessed, encouraged and find something to chuckle about in this ridiculously exhausting, chaotic single parent life.


  1. Sweet Sue,

    You & I own (and love!) identical pairs of slippers! What a blessing it is for me to know that when I get out of bed every morning and slide my feet into my comfy slippers, put them on late in the evening, and slip them off before I crawl into bed, those silly slippers will bring you to mind and prompt me to whisper a prayer for you. Love you, dear friend!


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