On the Road…On the Path to Prayer

I have been so looking forward to this weekend!  I’m on a girls’ road trip with two of my daughters!  We have had so much fun!  My oldest daughter has had me laughing almost nonstop.  I’m blessed with really witty children! 

We are looking at some colleges for my second oldest and I just can’t wrap my brain around it.  Part of me wants to ignore this impending separation and pray she decides to stay close to home.  But I can’t wish that…I can only pray that God will lead her well and help me guide her well.

It is part of the trusting thing…that thing I struggle with so very much sometimes.  

My oldest has had a very unique college experience…successful but different than I expected.  I had imagined my children would have similar experiences to me.  His has required a change of schools and working full time.  I’m so very proud of him – his perseverance, flexibility, and diligence! And I expect that God is preparing him for great things!  He certainly is an awesome young man!  

Back to my weekend…

My youngest daughter is here too.  She keeps me on my toes…or maybe I should say knees!  My spicy girl! A true blessing…a refining blessing! 

I have to pray and trust that God is going to work mightily in this very strong-willed girlie! I have to trust that God knew what He was doing when He gave her to me! I’m so thankful I’m her mommy but sometimes I feel so inadequate to the task.  Again…back to my knees! 

Along with her spice comes struggles to learn ….just like my middle daughter.  She is spending the weekend with our next door neighbors from Fredericksburg  and having the time of her life! Again so thankful for friends! I’m continually lifting this little one up and asking God to make things click educationally.  She desperately wants to be a good student and works so hard to learn…it’s just really really difficult. And I must trust God’s goodness despite the school’s predictions of her never ending academic struggles. 

Two little girls I long to help and love well.  

My middle son is with a friend from Fredericksburg  this weekend too – again so thankful for good friends for my children.  My son is heading to high school next year and I pray that he will make wise choices too! He is a delightful young man who shares honestly with me often.  It is both a blessing and a source of fear for me at times.  I appreciate his candor and I guess I can be thankful for the knowledge of just how I need to pray for him.  I know his struggles and his joys…I know his hopes and his heartbreaks…and I know that he thinks girls are really awesome (ugh). 

I don’t think I pray enough…certainly not continually as God tells us to…more like when things are feeling difficult.  

Lord, forgive me for not conversing with you more…Lord, thank you that you know exactly what we need and when we need it…thank you that your will does not depend on anything I do.  Lord, please work mightily in my children’s hearts to love you very very much.  And assist me in guiding them…loving them…encouraging them…and praying for them.   

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