Family Matters Blog – Faithfully Facing the Future

Family Matters Blog – Faithfully Facing the Future

Just wanted to share my newest blog up at Family Matters!  I hope you enjoy it!

I’m currently visiting my parents – trying to offer some encouragement to my Dad and help my Mom as best I can with all my children in tow!  She is a dear to put up with all our “assistance”!!!

This post is about my kids more than my parents, but I’m finding there are definitely things I need to place in the Lord’s hands concerning my extended family as well.  I know many of us are in that place between parenting young children (and/or lots of children) and helping our parents as they grow older…God meets us in the middle of it all!  He is so gracious to love us in so many ways! 

God is good all the time!  ALL the time God is good!

In His Care,


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