thinking thankfully

ImageI’m sitting on the deck of a beach house in the Outer Banks.  It is simply beautiful.  I have a deadline for a writing project and I thought this would be an ideal location to work.  Alas, it is not.  Everytime I sneak out to the balcony to work, children follow.  At the moment two children just joined me.  Here are the things they have asked, “Mom, if we went straight out acoss the ocean where would we end up?”  I guessed the South of France, but I’m severly geographically challenged so I could be way off.  The second child asked me, “Why the water looked blue from  here and green up close.”  I didn’t really have the scientific answer for that one either…I said something like, “It’s cool, isn’t it!”  

Now there are four children out here and I’ve had to stop because of an injury and some serious wailing.  Honestly, every time I put this silly laptop on my lap someone wants to join it!  And regardless of deadlines, my children have to be my top priority.  I just can’t tell weeping children to wait.  Unfortunately, at this point, I’m ready to because the interuptions have been extreme and I’m seriously sleep deprived and a tad annoyed.  I should just figure out how to work under all conditions, especially sleepy and frustrated because I think as a working mom that is my lot in life.  Lot in life…that sounds kinda negative.  I don’t think of being a single mom as being such a horrid’s just not ideal and it is definitely difficult. 

And sometimes I must remind myself that I am blessed…why do I need to remind myself?  It should be second nature…thinking thankfully.  Especially considering the view that stretches out before me right at this moment. I know that God has called me to write so I will trust that He will provide the time to do it.  And maybe I just need to rise before the sun and write while it rises.  That certainly would be inspirational!  And maybe I can sit by the little pool we brought,avoid the splashes, and edit some pages.  And maybe I’ll work to enjoy my children instead of viewing them as a distraction.  They are such a lovely distraction…most of the time. 🙂

Lord, thank you for the beautiful view that is right before me.  Thank you for generous parents who will splurge on a week at the beach with my crazy crew — generous and brave!  Thank you for my teenagers who will help me when I really need it!  Thank you that I have children who come to me when they need comfort, answers to silly and serious questions, and just to share the view.  Thank you Father that you have given me the opportunity and privilege of sharing with others what you have done and are doing in my life.  I am truly blessed Lord…blessed because of you!

Now Grandma has joined me…I think I’ll stop writing and start visiting…at least Grandma doesn’t want to sit on my lap!


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