A Sweet Day

I had the nicest day.  Those are such sweet words when each day has seemed more of a disappointment than a day to cheer.  I didn’t realize how desperately I needed to get nothing done, until I did that very thing…or didn’t do that thing??…um…er…I mean, I accomplished my goal of accomplishing nothing quite well and, surprisingly it felt great.  I visited with a friend who has known me “forever” and loved me anyway.  We talked of walking tightropes of sorrow and joy…of finding things to give thanks for when there really didn’t seem to be one obvious thing to rejoice over.  We talked about children and voiced our prayer requests knowing that we would each pray.  We shared fears and hopes and nightmares and dreams.   We drank copious amounts of tea and the honey we poured in our tea was no sweeter than the fellowship.

I’m so surprised how much I needed it.  I shared that on the way to her home I feared the loss of time to get more done on my to-do list even as I longed to visit.  She understood.  But, oh the heart-mending time spent with a dear friend cannot be equaled by a to-do list completed.  I’m blessed by many sweet friendships.  I have a friend who calls or texts me every single day to make sure I’m okay – I shudder to think what I would do without her care of me.  The prayers we have voiced together have been precious and plentiful.  I have friends who email me encouragement – how welcomed are those messages.  But rarely do I set aside time for true fellowship.

I want my list done and my house neat, before I can take the time to visit.  It’s surprising how easily we forget the clutter surrounding us when we sit and look into the eyes of a dear friend who understands.  You know, I believe that we all really do understand.  We get where we each are!  There is grace in friendship – grace to be overwhelmed, grace to be cluttered, grace to be tired, grace to be grumpy, grace to be who we are, grace to be where we are.  We must make time to fill our cups with tea and our hearts with the joy of friendship…we will be better for it.

That sweet time sitting at a kitchen table with sweet tea, sweet chocolate 🙂 and a sweet friend was just well…sweet.

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