Lovin’ Mommy and Apple Pie

You should like to obey your mommy as much as apple pie.”

As I begin writing I’m not sure whether I should focus on the fact that I say the dumbest things sometimes or the spiritual implications that sentence has on my life.

Although I’m thinking there will be ample opportunities for me to write about the ridiculous things that come out of my mouth so I should probably go with the spiritual application.

Let me set up the scene.  I had picked up my two youngest daughters and we were headed home.   It is an unfortunate fact that I have to drive past a McDonald’s in order to get home.  There simply is no other route.  My 6 year old LOVES McDonald’s apple pies.  And almost every day she requests one.  This particular day she requested one and I said, “Not today sweetie.”  She was obstinate and rude at that point.  I told her that was unkind and she shouldn’t talk to mommy that way.  We had the honor and obey talk.  She said she just loved apple pies soooo much she couldn’t help it.  To which I responded with the aforementioned statement.  As soon as the words left my mouth I wondered what I was thinking.  Seriously.

Once again I’m reminded of the state of my own heart.  I can’t honestly say that I like obeying God more than everything else out there that grabs my eye.  There are things that I perceive will give me more pleasure, comfort, or satisfaction that I definitely like better at times.

I wish that I liked to obey God best of all.  I like that obeying God is best for me, but sometimes I have a hard time convincing myself that that is indeed the case.

How much more difficult must it be for a child to grasp the concept that Mommy actually does know best and that obeying her will have greater benefits than the taste of a yummy, warm apple pie?

I’m always sharing the verses about obeying and honoring your parents…my children seem nonplussed by my attempts to get them to obey because God commands it.  Encouraging through consequences seems to work better.

I think I’m the same way sometimes.  I’m working towards obeying out of love, but often I find myself obeying out of hope of blessing or fear of consequences.  I want to do everything out of love and gratitude for God and His love for me.

And honestly, I’d really like it if my kids did that for me too.  What a blessing it would be to have my children obey purely because they loved God and loved me too!  I believe that prayer is the only way to get to anything resembling that idea.  Prayer for me to parent well, for my children to know they are loved, for my children to love God, for my children to love me, and for my children to understand what it means to honor and respect.

I started this blog 2 days ago, and it has been an exceedingly rough weekend with one of my children.  And I have to be honest that I have shed many tears over this child’s behavior and the condition of his heart.  It is breaking mine.  I read this and once again I am reminded that prayer is a powerful and effective tool I must use.  I have spent the weekend with wet eyes instead bent knees.  Good gravy!! How often do I need to tell myself this!?! 

Once again I’m reminding myself of this verse: 

“All your children shall be taught by the LORD, and great shall be the peace of your children.”  (Isaiah 54:13)

God has got this!!