so yeah…let’s pray

flat tire photoSo yeah… this week.
I’ll just give you the highlights otherwise it’ll seem like I’m writing my second book!
And I’ll try to keep it funny.
Monday – dental fillings….enough said.
Tuesday – locked my keys in my car. Oh but I didn’t just lock my keys in the car…nope. I locked my keys AND my spare keys in the car. So I called my dear friend and prayer partner, Anna, who was kind enough to come get me on her way to another appointment. As we and 4 of our children traveled up 95N we heard a funny noise and then an even funnier noise…and then we realized there was nothing funny about it. It was that disconcerting kerflump sound of a flat tire. We pulled over to the side of the road as far off as we could get which meant the car was leaning at quite an angle. As I opened my door to go have a look, I actually fell out of the car – which I gotta admit was pretty funny. What wasn’t funny, was Anna getting out of the car and having the door slam shut on her finger. It looked like she had broken her middle finger which I teased her was just an excuse to express her feelings about the day. My wonderful son and his friend came and got all the children, while Anna and I waited for roadside assistance. We laughed a lot. It might have been a bit more like hysterical laughter at times. Especially when a house on a trailer passed by us. I joked that that was exactly what I needed for my next blog…”and then a house hit us!”
I was so glad I was there when her tire blew. I was thankful that she wasn’t alone on a major highway with her three kids. I teased that I was such a sweet friend to sacrificially lock my keys in my car so I could be with her when her tire blew. She said I should be thankful for such a kind friend who gives me so much writing material! True…she speaks truth. I’m so very thankful for her. And I’m thankful that God uses the craziest things to meet our needs and bless us. I needed a ride and she needed company. I always need material and I will always need Anna.
Praise God it all worked out…My keys are no longer on the inside of my car, my friend’s tire is no longer wobbly, and although Anna’s finger is still very crooked and swollen, it is not broken!
But my day didn’t end there…that night as the children waited with anticipation for a big snowstorm to hit, the house became decidedly chillier – no heat. Yup. Nothing like good timing. Although I will say it was fine…just annoying.
And today, the dishwasher broke…again. And everything costs money…I’m no longer getting nickeled and dimed, I’m getting “hundredth’d” and “thousandth’d” to death!
BUT, and this is a big but, I have perspective. I have a dear friend fighting for her life unexpectedly. I can’t seem to complain about my life…well, I guess I just did…but seriously, I’m sorta just making fun of things. My friend is a fighter and so many people are praying for her. And once again I am reminded that we have an awesome God.
I wish I could do something for her, her husband, and their four children – the youngest is 1 week old. Everything is covered so I can’t really do anything practical for them. And then I remember that the thing that meant the most to me when I was going through our family’s implosion, was absolutely and positively prayer. Oh, I totally appreciated, more than I can say, all the help and love and encouragement, but the prayer! That was powerful.
And I can do that! I can pray. I can pray when I wake up and when I lie down. I can pray as I walk and as I work. I can pray all the time. I can pray without ceasing. I can live with an attitude of prayer. And I can do the very best thing for my friend by praying.
I prayed for keys to magically appear when I was standing in the parking lot. I prayed for safety as we sat on 95N with a flat tire. And I prayed for my friend’s hurt finger. And now I’m praying for my sweet sick friend and her dear family. I’m praying for healing, hope, and health. I’m praying for God’s peace which passes all understanding to guard their hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. And I’m praying that God will use me in some way to bless them. But I believe praying does indeed bless them. It is intangible, but powerful. It is invisible but strong. It is awesome and wonderful.
So this week…yeah…it’s been a bit of bear, but God once again has reminded me that He is all I need. He is all we all need. And He is ready and willing to listen to our prayers! Let’s pray!!
PS If you think of it, please pray for my friend , her husband and their 4 sweet children.