Help Me Beez Good

  This past Sunday morning, my kids and I were sitting around the living room sharing prayer requests and talking.  As we prepared to bow our heads, my youngest daughter asked if she could pray.   I said, “Sure, sweetie!” Now Allison can be a little spicy…you never know how much spice is gonna hitcha, but hitcha… Continue reading Help Me Beez Good

When You’ve Got Nothing Left to Give…and need some help and some hope

  About three months ago I began a program to get my teaching license and eventually my Masters in Education.  At the time it seemed like a really good thing…even though I don’t have the money to pay for the program nor is the time to do it clearly evident.  In fact when I was interviewing with… Continue reading When You’ve Got Nothing Left to Give…and need some help and some hope

I Should Have Hugged Her

         I was sitting here just finishing up my quiet time and it struck me. I should have hugged her. My 7-year old broke her toe last week.  We are gimpy together…same foot even! It would be comical if it weren’t so pathetic. She won’t let me take a picture of our… Continue reading I Should Have Hugged Her

Looking for Peace in all the Wrong Places

I believe I’m carrying burdens I wasn’t meant to, but I don’t know how to let them go. People are always advising me to just trust God and let go of the worry.  I’m trying to…I truly am. I know I can trust God. I think I can let go of the worry. But somewhere… Continue reading Looking for Peace in all the Wrong Places

Having a Difficult Day…

I had a really difficult day recently. I’m not sure why but I reverted back to being very annoyed by my ex-husband. My youngest daughters had games that day and my oldest daughter invited him to sit with us – which is a very normal thing – but that day I could barely stand it.… Continue reading Having a Difficult Day…