Me and My Stuff at His Feet

A few years ago I gave my testimony at church and sang the Casting Crown’s song, “At His Feet.” It fit so well with where God had brought me. He had brought me to a good place. But I’ve stepped away from that place many times carrying what I should have laid at His feet.… Continue reading Me and My Stuff at His Feet

Do You Really Want to be Where I Am?

“I wish I could get to where you are…I still feel so hopeless, sad, or angry.” Whenever I hear that I want to say, “Trust me, you DO NOT want to be where I am!” I struggle a lot with things. I have moments where I feel like disaster is imminent…where I can’t possibly do… Continue reading Do You Really Want to be Where I Am?

School Supplies and A Serious Lack of Sanity

School Supplies and A Serious Lack of Sanity

I hope you enjoy but don’t really identify with this blog!  At least the beginning! 

I’m praying that I will get better about making decisions but boy oh boy do I struggle.  God keeps faithfully meeting me in all my anxious indecisive thinking and loving me out of it!  So grateful!



Do You Feel Loved?

Today I feel loved. Lately it’s been difficult to grasp that I’m lovable…that anyone could really and truly love me. And yes I know that God loves me…perfectly, relentlessly, beautifully, unconditionally, and passionately…all the ways I want to be loved. But I guess after my husband left, I’ve wanted someone to love me – to… Continue reading Do You Feel Loved?

Surviving the Storm with Some Sanity

Surving the Storm with my Sanity

God keeps reminding me that He is the answer.  That living without Him and time in His Word, just doesn’t work well.  I forget that His yoke is easy and His burden is light…my yoke is heavy and crushing at times. Even if you can’t handle your life,  I pray you are blessed and reminded that God can!


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