Am I Really a Wimp?

There was a time in my life when my ex-husband and I would joke about our lack of sleep. Our little saying was, “Sleep is for wimps.” I’m here to say….I’M A WIMP!!! I want sleep so badly…so very badly. I can’t remember the last time I got a really truly good night’s sleep. I… Continue reading Am I Really a Wimp?

Family Matters Blog – Faithfully Facing the Future

Family Matters Blog – Faithfully Facing the Future

Just wanted to share my newest blog up at Family Matters!  I hope you enjoy it!

I’m currently visiting my parents – trying to offer some encouragement to my Dad and help my Mom as best I can with all my children in tow!  She is a dear to put up with all our “assistance”!!!

This post is about my kids more than my parents, but I’m finding there are definitely things I need to place in the Lord’s hands concerning my extended family as well.  I know many of us are in that place between parenting young children (and/or lots of children) and helping our parents as they grow older…God meets us in the middle of it all!  He is so gracious to love us in so many ways! 

God is good all the time!  ALL the time God is good!

In His Care,


Am I a minute from angry? Or a minute from peace?

“Momma! Look there’s a tea with the word Relax on it! You should get that!” “Yes. Yes I should!” I replied. And although the tea is very yummy and I’ve had several glasses, it has not helped me relax…or I’m just too stressed for words or tea or anything… I hate being stressed. I can… Continue reading Am I a minute from angry? Or a minute from peace?

Wading Into the Waves Holding My Savior’s Hand

Wading Into the Waves Holding My Savior’s Hand

Just saw that my newest blog is up at MomLifeToday.  I hope you enjoy it.

I’d also like to ask for prayer as I begin a new book proposal!  Working on Chapter 1…draft number 1,365,279…just kidding, it just feels that way! I’m so excited about the idea and I feel such a passion to share what God is showing me!  Can’t wait to see what God does with this!

Praying each of you has a wonderful, wonderful weekend filled with unexpected and beautiful blessings!

In His Care, Sue 

Snoozing Times Four

Today I pushed snooze 4 times and then took a 2 hour nap in the afternoon.  I woke with a throbbing headache.  Not a stellar day… On top of that I’ve been trying to give up my coca-cola addiction and I completely fell off the bandwagon.  Ugh.  Although I do have to say, I completely… Continue reading Snoozing Times Four

Prayers Post

Bedtime Prayers…Anytime!

Thank you so much for all YOUR prayers!  I’ve been blessed by all your sweet encouraging words and prayers as my family deals with my Dad’s failing health!  God has been so very gracious and kind to us all!  It’s very difficult but His faithfulness abounds! 

Thank you again!

I hope you enjoy this post for MomLifeToday.  🙂

In His Care,


hospice, hope and healing

“Momma, I don’t want grandpa to die, but I know he will feel so much better in heaven.” My sweet 12 year old son uttered those words as we sat in an Urgent Care waiting to see the doctor for the two of us, and while my father lay in a hospital bed waiting for… Continue reading hospice, hope and healing

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